30 June 2016

Pulsin - raspberry and goji, Maca bliss (@NLi10)

At Birmingham Wildlife Festival there were a few good stands that had interesting things to pick up to take to festivals. 

So we did!

Here we see Catfish and The Bottlemen on The Other Stage, with a healthy Pulsin bar to replenish all the vital bits. This has yummy raspberry and indifferent goji (I bought a bag once and ended up feeding the magpies with them). 

It also has lots of other bits and bobs in it which really help add some jazz and variety to the texture and mean that it's not all about the fruit and brown stuff. 

The brown stuff in question is a raw choc brownie, not very cakey but similar to what you would expect from a protein bar style snack. I enjoyed it in the field and it filled the hole so I could spend time deciding on which £8 pasta I should buy.

The second bar made it home.

You can see here all the things it does and doesn't have. It's positively saintly!

As you can see its raw cacao, brown rice, mixed in with cashews dates and chicory fibre. This doesn't sell the bar as well as the front does! While this isn't as beloved as the smooth raw chocolate is it still an enjoyable snack that is filling enough that at my desk it'll take two sittings. 

I think we picked up four of these from the stall so if the others are significantly different then I'll report back. As it stands though these are reasonably moist, date based bars with a little bit of excitement from the extra ingredients and the range is wide enough that I think anyone can find one for them.

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