11 June 2016

Wild Wader Beer (Tesco) [By @SpectreUK]

This new beer from Badger Ales is based on the Herons that wade in the lagoon off Brownsea Island in Dorset. This 4.2% volume amber ale was brewed with a selection of British, Slovenian and New World hops that’s citrus qualities are recommended to wash down fish and chips. Not having fish and chips to hand, I decided to go for a tuna sandwich. Besides, I haven’t had fish and chips for ages. Every time we go to our local Chippy down the road, I can’t help having the meal deal box instead, which consists of a cone of chips, loads of chicken tikka kebab meat, a small sausage, and a pickled egg on the side. Of course I dip the sausage in hot sauce to complement the chicken tikka, and eat the battered chips unadorned asides oodles of salt, but I digress…

On opening the bottle there was the citrusy hoppy smell that the label had promised as well as undertones of malted barley. There was a refreshing bitter hoppy initial flavour as the mixture of hops bashed together in a sort of citrus explosion, followed by an almost sweet caramel malted barley finish. This is a really fine brew, which would definitely complement fishy meals and spicy Asian dishes. Very tasty and very moreish, it’s difficult to put the glass down to take another bite from my sandwich, alas… I suppose I must, but I’d rather wash this ale down with another ale than have any food involved. I don’t know about the Wild Wader, more like the king of the lagoon!
By Spectre

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