10 June 2016

Twix On Toast? New Twix Spread (Morrisons) [By @Cinabar]

In the latest instalment of what can we spread on our toast, I found another new tub. This time it is Twix chocolate bar flavoured, complete with crunchy biscuit pieces. There is even a sweet reminder about the differences of the left and right hand side of a Twix bar on the lid, a nod to the current TV adverts (do you prefer the left or the right side).
As much as I like actual toast I am currently hooked on Giant Crumpets so I popped these into the toaster. The spread looked quite thick and had lots of biscuit bits mixed in, there seemed to be a very generous amount.

These spread nicely on the crumpet and although there were quite a few pieces of biscuit the spread still went on easily enough.
The taste test was good. The base flavour was a very sweet chocolate taste, on inspecting the jar this was because it contained the caramel and chocolate flavour in one. It tasted a bit like extra sweet chocolate, but the flavour was still smooth. I have a sweet tooth, so got on with this just fine. Spectre thought it needed a more defined caramel taste. I liked the biscuit bits as they added a crunch to the texture which felt nice. The flavour from the biscuit wasn’t too strong, but I guess you don’t want huge pieces spread on your toast. It was difficult to pick up that buttery shortbread like flavour though. On a blind taste test I’m no sure I would have guessed Twix bar from the flavour and texture.
I liked this spread, but I think they could have improved it by marbling a chocolate spread and a caramel spread together in the jar, all with biscuit pieces scattered throughout. Okay, that might be technically more difficult to manufacture, but that would capture the true heart of a Twix.
By Cinabar

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