12 June 2016

The Collective - Brownlee Apple + Blackberry gourmet live yoghurt(by @NLi10)

The collective have done lots of special yogurt flavours for special occasions.  Upon spying this one I figured it was for the euro football thing that's going on.

Then it clicked - the Brownlee Brothers are Triatheletes that both won medals at the last olympics. Evidently their secret is gourmet yogurt - flavoured with apple and blackberry.

As is usual with these one flavour lives on the top and one at the bottom. The Apple has a little Christmassy feel to it, and may have a little cinnamon or spice with it. There are actual chunks and texture to this so its good. The jam like stuff hiding at the bottom is a little more potent and has a regonisably berry flavour.

Again with these the yogurt itself is the star, and brings the two flavours together. While I think the chocolate orange one was more of a pudding to me, this is a nice addition to any evening meal where the portion size was a little too small. Again the temptation is to eat the whole thing, but I think three or four sittings is ideal.

A nice addition to the range, no matter how temporary.

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