3 June 2016

Cadbury Crunchie Spread [By @Cinabar]

One of the current trends seems to be weird things to spread on your toast. We’ve had biscuit flavour spreads but the new thing seems to be chocolate bar spreads. I’m not complaining I have a sweet tooth, and a love of chocolate! ;-)
The latest addition is based on the Cadbury Crunchie Bar and they have turned it into this Cadbury Crunchie Spread. There is a chocolate base and there are bits of Crunchie bar mixed in. The jar shows a graphic on the jar with huge Crunchie pieces, but inside they were a bit more hard to find…

I toasted a Giant Crumpet, and spread this straight on. You could feel the Crunchie bits when you were spreading, and although not obviously golden they did stand out a bit more. The spread is fairly thick, but still spread easily. In flavour the Crunchie bar bits were unmissable. There is a lot sweet and creamy milk chocolate in the base flavour, but the added Crunchie stands out very well. Its sweet and the flavour of cinder toffee adds a lovely element to the taste. It also added a light crunch in places to the crumpet, which mixed up the textures.
I enjoyed this spread very much, it was fun and sweet and a nice treat with a cup of coffee. I’m looking forward to the rest of the jar, but I did spot Spectre testing it out, not with toast or anything, just a spoon!
By Cinabar

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