29 June 2016

Phizzy Pig Tails Sweets (Marks & Spencer) [By @SpectreUK]

I do love sour fruit gums. I especially like them if they are made with real fruit juice. These Phizzy Pig Tails were made with mandarin, elderberry, red grape, and blackcurrant, as well as red cabbage and black carrot, which sounds bizarre, mainly because red cabbage sounds like something used to empty out a rhinoceros and black carrot a bruised and overripe relative to the black bananas I always leave behind for Cinabar.

Anyway, made in Germany for Marks & Spencer, these Phizzy Pig Tails are described as “soft gums made with fruit juice (angry cabbage, beaten senseless carrot) and a fizzy hint”. On opening the packet I took this “fizzy hint” literally and popped one of the pink sugared Pig Tails straight in my mouth. I’d like to know what “super sour” is in the German language, because the sourness in these Pig Tails almost made my nose twist off. These almost strawberry flavoured fruity face-twistingly sour, and they really are sour, not a “hint”, or a mild expressive gesture or whatever, but super duper sour Pig Tails are probably one of the most sour gummy sweets I’ve tasted and are now a proud regular in my sour gum tub.

Information on the packet;

170g bag, with 32 calories per sweet. Contains pork gelatine. See photograph for ingredients.

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