26 June 2016

Glastonbury 2016 snacks part 2 (by @NLi10)

Still at the damp and muddy Glastonbury festival and living off brought and bought foods.

Here we have Walkers answer to KP Nutsters (a peanut in a Pringle)

These vanished. In a festival situation a bag full of salty proteins is exactly what I was craving. Expect a proper review but these seem as good as the originals - maybe this style of snack will take off.

Here we saw the Toad Hall sign because I forgot to take a picture of my excellent Brownie - and they have quality bands and sounds too.

Still in Green Futures but heading towards the trendy Park Stage we have the Women's Institute serving unfeasabley fluffy sponges. I had a Victoria Sponge and a nice cup of tea. I'd be writing the reviews there now, but the crowds in that direction were intense so I've hidden in the Left Field which was almost empty and had space for my chair.

Here we see Chvrches (or is it New Order) on the Other Stage as headliners and another piece of the Tribe box. I have issues with the delivery method and prices but this is again a real quality product. Nothing of disappointment in the box so far. Again - full review from a non ravenous person to follow.

And to finish my final shift with Oxfam we shared this Montezuma's Classic orange and geranium. Interesting to see strangers response to its botanical echoes over the soft but rich chocolate. 

We will be home soon and the only things left will be the wrappers and mud stains (and all the other pot noodles we never got to eat). Well worth a trip for any food fan, well - one that isn't too bothered by the outdoors!

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