5 June 2016

Kellogg's Avengers - Choc Reactors and Crunchy Shields (by @NLi10)

To tie in with the recent Marvel Civil War movie it seems that a branded cereal has been released again. After the presumed success of the Star Wars box we now have a clever mash up of two cereals to represent the factions in the movie.

But which of the already existing Kellogs range have been jumbled up in the box this Time?  

On the one side of the box we have the mighty Iron Man.  To my surprise Iron Man isn't the hard on the outside, soft on the inside Krave portions, but the Choc Reactors. These appear to be a chocolate version of Kellogg's Start.  This means that you get two fairly chocolaty options with different textures and milk adsorbsion which is nice.  I don't think I've had chocolate flavoured Start before, but chances are its out there somewhere.

On the other side we have the worlds least exciting super hero, Captain America (he's the Sleeping Beauty of the Marvel Universe).  His milk chocolate Krave parcels are too as expected.  

Presumably Spider-Man is the milk?

I do applaud these efforts. Gone are the days of whipping up an inferior cereal to match a brand. Instead just do what I do at home and pour two complementary cereals in together for a varied weekend treat.

I don't expect these to be around for long - the movies already been replaced by Xmen then Warcraft in cinemas - but I may nab one last box just to enjoy the pre-mixed sensations one more time.

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