9 June 2016

Asda Italian Meatball Rigatoni Melt (by @NLi10)

While the name "meatball Rigatoni Melt" sounds like a menu item the reality is a little more down to earth. This is a big black plastic pot of food - make no mistake. BUT it says on the pot that you can microwave it, and we have a microwave at work.  The plan was to take this in and have a mighty lunch.  The weather however got a lot warmer and salads were the order of the day so I ate this one evening. Solo.

See how it barely fits in the microwave!

It rotated so was good enough for me. I foolishly opened the sides slightly to vent instead of doing fork holes - this caused it to dry out a little too much.

That said for the ingredients and effort involved this is certainly a decent meal. While no where near the quality of the "Look What We Found" range (will anything ever be) this was more flavoursome and varied than I could have hoped for.

The pasta was nicely done and only too dry where I'd opened the edge. The meatballs were really filling and had both bite and texture that was pleasing. The cheese didn't overpower me, and the sauce was pleasant but not exciting. Feel free to add your own sauces on top!

I think that as a winter treat this would be perfect for work (we have more than one microwave so using one for 8 mins wouldn't be too bad), but at the moment a huge portion of pasta in this heat would be crazy. I was only two meatballs short of finishing it in the evening but at lunch I would be defeated.

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