23 June 2016

Glastonbury Snacks Pt 1. (By @NLi10)

Im at Glastonbury this week. It's Thursday and the main bands haven't started yet and I've been here since Tuesday.

There are lots of foods and snacks on offer. Some of them are ones that you pick up on site... 

Here we have a cream tea eaten off a backpack. It was £6 with a tea for three scones and actual clotted cream. We went freeform, bought two and an extra tea and had it between three. £4.50 each for something where the jam and scones felt home made was spot on.  Good tea too.

And there are some we carried to the site!

This is out of a Tribe box I got for a pound off a FaceBook advert which I'll write up properly next week.

Surprisingly textured and tasty with enough bits and seeds in there that I'm sure it filled the gap.

And here we have a king pot noodle - my favourite Beef and Tomato flavour. A nice lunch after a night shift and full of all the essential things that the body lacks after a few nights in a tent. Not the best option at home, but a mythical and welcome meal once under canvas. Oxfam supply the hot water so we brought plenty of these.

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