15 May 2016

Magnum mini Double Peanut Butter (by @NLi10)

Praise the sun, for with it comes warmth and the opportunities for ice creams.  Late last year we rescued a fridge for our office that had a large freezer so this year we can snack on cold things on the 5 days of summer we actually get in the UK.

On special offer at the moment - magnum mini duo.

These are new to me, if not a whole new range. Following on from the metallic magnums comes one with two layers of chocolate with something in between.

In this case we have peanut flavoured ice cream and a peanut butter style spread in between the he chocolate. Yum!

Usually with a Magnum the chocolate loves to leap to the ground in a bid for freedom - here it sticks together and would have to crack similarly on both layers to escape - more chocolate to enjoy!

The flavours were quite similar to Hershey cups which suggests this is an American recipie, but the chocolate is he usual high Magnum quality.

Secretly I'm hoping that the rest of the office aren't keen on this flavour so I can quietly devour them all.

I do like the portion size of the mini too, I know I've said this before but after a long walk home from work they are a justifiable way to cool down before you cook. And with more varieties (and 12 for £4 at Tesco) I'll be making space for more.

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