22 February 2019

Bonne Maman Coffee Creme Dessert (Waitrose) By @Cinabar

Bonne Maman Coffee Creme Dessert

I was looking for a quick dessert, something which is a treat but which isn’t too big to eat. I spotted these desserts from Bonne Maman and couldn’t resist picking up the Coffee Creme variety. There are two smallish pots in the pack and I thought I’d try them out after dinner.
The pots are fairly small, but are neatly packaged with a pleasant chequered foil lid, reminiscent in design of the covers you used to get on hand made jams. The Bonne Maman Coffee Creme Dessert is beige in colour and surprisingly glossy to look at. I gave one a taste test and realised that I had assumed it would be a mousse in texture, but that it was actually quite wet and more like a thickened sauce. The texture wasn’t too bad when I got used to it, I had just been expecting something more fluffy. The flavour too was strong in coffee, but not quite as sweet as I had hoped. Don’t get me wrong I drink espressos straight with no sugar added, but this is a dessert and my sweet tooth was craving a sugar hit.
I don’t think the Bonne Maman Coffee Creme Dessert was bad, it just hadn’t been what I was expecting. The coffee taste was rich though, and there was a nice creaminess to the flavour. I’m still intrigued enough to want to buy the dark chocolate version.

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