23 February 2019

Jubel - Beer Cut with Peach (Sainsburys) By @SpectreUK

Jubel - Beer Cut with Peach

I haven't watched a Carry On film in years! I have certainly watched most of them, if not all and several times over. I grew up on that bawdy sense of humour and will always give a snigger to the great British innuendo. I can't help it… so when I last went to uni and found myself the oldest student by far, I was taken aback by how many younger students didn't get the double entendre. Many hadn't even heard of Carry On, which made me feel even older! So when someone says "peach" to me it doesn't necessarily mean fruit, or at least the type that grows on trees. In my experience neither go well with beer though, however don't let it be said that I don't have an open mind… snigger!

This is a beer that takes itself seriously though, you can tell by the label. The label is plastic free and the Jubel brewery, in Cornwall, is committed to low carbon emissions. This beer is gluten free and Vegan friendly. Not that I know many Vegans or any unfriendly ones! It's infused with natural peach, which is where it loses me a little. I do like peach, I rarely eat one… in fact I think our hedgehog had the last one that graced the fruit bowl in the kitchen. I do like peach yoghurt though, so that's a plus.

On opening the environment friendly bottle unsurprisingly this 4% volume peach beer smelt strongly of peach. This has to be one of the palest beers I've encountered. It's like shining white gold. However, after a certain amount of time trying to coax our hedgehog out from under a bush with it, I gave up and took a sip. In a blindfolded taste test I'd probably be easily convinced that this was a peach cider…

"I thought I caught a hint of malt there for a second, in the initial flavour?" I may say, "and there was that minute bitter herbal hoppiness towards the back of the flavour?"

"No, no… it's a peach cider!" said the trickster.

"Not really any cider apple there at all?" I'd mumble.

"They forget the cider apples!"



"Bizarre… Well, it was pretty fizzy! And it's definitely a peach of a drink!"

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