2 February 2019

Golden Host Beer (Aldi @JenningsBrewery) By @SpectreUK

It's cold outside. I know it's to be expected during the winter months, and I might harp on about it at times, but we've just been outside for my daily walk (or hobble as my recently operated on knee gains strength) and it's quite bracing. So I need something to warm me up a bit. Golden Host is produced by the Jennings Castle Brewery, in the Lake District, and promises a "deep golden beer with a hint of spice and toffee". It is brewed with English malted barley, crystal malt, and aromatic hops. Mmm… at 4.2% volume it sounds like just the drink I need to melt the ice off the end of my nose!

On opening the bottle there was definitely sweet aromas of malted barley and a hearty supply of crystal malt. There was also a herbal hoppy smell at the back of the aroma to this deep golden, almost amber coloured beer. The flavour of this beer followed the smell. There was a strong flavour of malted barley to begin with, followed by the almost toffee sweetness from the ample supply of crystal malt. After this sweet maltiness there was the herbal hops that bites at the end of the flavour providing that hint of spiciness into the aftertaste promised on the label. Mmm… this is a really tasty deep golden beer and it certainly warmed my heart at the beginning of the romantic, if not chilly, month of February.

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