25 February 2019

Marmite and Cheese Scrolls (Papa Johns) By @Cinabar

Marmite and Cheese Scrolls Papa Johns

Interesting things have been happening today. Firstly I had a bit of play to update the header of Foodstuff Finds, see above. Hope you like it? I normally have minimal artistic talent so I was quite pleased with the results. We then decided to have pizza to celebrate. We ordered via Papa Johns so obviously I had a look at the new items available on their website and found these Marmite and Cheese Scrolls so added them to the order. Then I was doing that thing where I stare out of the window waiting for the delivery man, a car went passed and Spectre asked if it was the pizza, I called back “No, it is a Frogeye Sprite, and nobody delivers pizza in one of them.” My mistake, it pulled up outside our house and out got our Papa Johns delivery man.
I think the first thing we noticed was the strength of the aroma from the Marmite before we even opened the box. Inside were quite a few Marmite and Cheese Scrolls, and I put a couple on the side of my pizza. I gave one a try and although I am a Marmite fan I still found the flavour a bit strong. I liked the soft doughy texture, and the hint of cheese. The salty yeasty taste lingered on the palette too long and distracted from delicate tastes on the Garden Party (veggie) pizza. I ate all my Marmite and Cheese Scrolls though, I was just left with the thought that I wouldn’t miss them if they left the menu. Spectre wasn’t impressed at all, he said they were too strong for him, he can tolerate Marmite crisps, but these were not his thing. He then munched the decorative chillis from the side of the pizza as he often does, the first one was the usual heat he said. The second one he ate whole, and it blew his head off. Sweat was pouring off him, I gave a supportive laugh and then realised he was genuinely struggling and got him a large glass of milk to drink. Turns out the Marmite and Cheese Scrolls weren’t the worst tasting thing on his plate after all.

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