10 February 2019

Guinness Clear - FizzFreeFeb (by @NLi10)

So - after the slight failure of Fizz Free Feb to capture my imagination (as it's really aimed at school age children) it was interesting to see one of the bigger alcohol companies getting in on the act.

I spotted and retweeted this on Friday

I mean their glass is a lot newer than mine, and they have the fancy new branding too but it's close.

And it tastes pretty good too!

I mean this was also my original solution to the problem of stopping drinking so it's worth me talking about it more.  

Essentially when I stopped drinking I just moved on to the sweet fizzy drinks.  And by the end of the night if you are 'keeping up' with all of the rounds and such you end up drinking 2 litres of pop.  I mean that's not a problem weight wise (I'm very underweight for various reasons - mostly medical) but that sheer amount of sugar and caffeine messes with you quite a lot.  Sugar hang-overs are a real thing!

So - I gradually just accepted less drinks and switched to the premium social drinks of Fever Tree and of course Fentimans.  People would offer me diet drinks - but I'd counter with the fact that I may as well drink water.  And then one day - I did.  I don't object to buying the bottled water from the pub (it probably costs them more to buy in than the spray colas do), afterall you are paying for the service and the seat too!  The reaction from the work drinking group particularly was a little odd.  It was almost freaky how it made people react - this must be how real vegans feel!

I think that a fashionably branded water could work well, but frankly even I'd never thought of just branding the glass.

Yup - Guinness Clear is tap water in a nice glass.  Frankly I'm going to try ordering some of this in a few places and see what happens - most bars do have the official glasses (ours was from a gift set before you ask...).  Hopefully it'll start a few conversations and make it a little easier to buy water and non-sugar non-diet drinks in pubs.

And if you want to charge me £1 for the pleasure for some chilled, or ice & lemon tap water then I'm all for it!

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