24 February 2019

McVitie's Digestives - Chocfilled Thins - Double Choc (@NLi10)

As part of my Valentines Day care parcel I got these new, thin biscuits.  After our appearance on the BBC reviewing these sorts of things last year it's become a running joke.  Which is good because it means I get lots of biscuits - hooray!

McVitie's Digestives - Chocfilled Thins - Double Choc

These are your standard style - a little over-packaged and probably more expensive than the standard ones.  What is actually going on here though.

Oh look - they are half gone already! Must be good then.  They look a bit like McVitie's from the top...

...but not from the side.  These are essentially a thin bourbon biscuit, which is already fairly thin.

The main difference (as with most of the thins) is that these are actually a little crunchier than a regular bourbon - and because they are digestive the texture is more fun too.  The creme in the centre is really firm too.  These really are their own kind of biscuit then - with the similarities to bourbons being purely cosmetic.  They aren't even like the Oreo double choc thins.  These are great and while not quite as compulsive as the last biscuits we talked about they are worth picking up.

I tended to only eat one or maybe two of these per visit to the pack, so they may actually be an effective biscuit intake management strategy.  If you ignore the thin branding and think of these as crunchy chocolate digestive sandwiches then you'll probably have a better idea of what you'll get.

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