28 February 2019

Pepsi Blue ?! Possibly from Indonesia. (@NLi10)

Brands are funny.  You find one you like and then they use it to sell you something new.  I was never that into Pepsi (shocker) until Pepsi Max - and then it was a bizarre set of circumstances where I ended up buying a coat because I really liked it, but that oddly had the Pepsi max logo on the sleeve.  Now as an old person I prefer Pepsi to Coke (and Fentimans to either frankly) and so finding new versions is fun.

I almost didn't buy this because it was a whole 35p more than the regular Pepsi - but I can't review that again so here we are.

I'm really not sure why Walsall UK had a bottle of Indonesian (it appeared) Pepsi, but it looked exciting and exotic.

And it is very blue - unlike the Elderflower Fanta (that I mistakenly thought was nice grapefruit) it's not just the bottle - it's actually Blue.

In fact - visiting my Granddad it looked like I'd got some odd kind of medical sample.  Not ideal.

And frankly - its got a berry flavour, and a cool colour, but it's not actually that interesting.  And it's certainly not Pepsi.  I mean - I'd happily drink it again, it needed to be colder and drunk more like a slush puppy on a hot day, but it's not a blue cola like I expected.  Tab Clear was a clear cola at least.

So this is more expensive than Pepsi, but tastes like cheap pop (Mick Foley special) so unless you have an instagram account (or someone to freak out with a blue drink)then it's probably not worth it.

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