7 February 2019

VOLCO CHOC - by Sondey and @Lidluk (@NLi10)

The discount supermarkets of Europe offer a great variety of 'knock off' chocolate bars, and some of them are much easier to find than their real world counterparts.

I'm sure I've seen (maybe even eaten) the genuine version of these Sondey Volco Choc from Lidl, but again I can't remember their brand name.  I do remember that they look like the back of my friends original smart phone (I want to say it was a HTC or something).  Today is not a good day for remembering.

In the box these look a lot less 3D than in the picture (or my memory)

I guess it depends on the angle

With the right lighting they do look quite 3D.  Of greater interest though is the freckles.  These are little crispier bits and something I don't remember before.

It has a lovely chocolate overhang - this suggests the original is a Bahlsen

The underside also looks very modern art.

Despite a quick Google I can't find the originals. :(

Thing is - these are pretty good anyway.  I ate three just while trying them out.  The chocolate is good because of the bits.  The biscuit is a little buttery and just right.  And sure - they could be a little larger, but you get a decent amount in a box (18 I think) so that's 6 portions of 3.

If they are mimicking a Bahlsen brand theme there are probably other dark choc ones to be eaten so I'm sure I can keep going on these.

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