26 February 2019

Walkers BBQ Pulled Pork (WH Smiths) By @Cinabar

Walkers BBQ Pulled Pork

These new crisps are in the new Trending Tastes range from Walkers crisps. There are two new flavours but Spectre nicked the other bag so you will have to wait till they appear at the top of review pile for him, possibly on Wednesday. These ones are BBQ Pulled Pork and immediately felt familiar. It must have been a long “trending taste” as these were launched as a Walkers Max ridged flavour back in February 2017. This version is in the bigger grab bag format, but are regular Walkers crisps in terms of texture, no ridges here. I poured out the hefty portion of Walkers BBQ Pulled Pork crisps on to my plate and was impressed with the amount and could see a slight orange tinge to the seasoning. The flavour was pretty decent, there was spice, there was barbecue sauce flavour and there was a nice meatiness too from the pork. I liked the added smoky taste, it helped with the barbecue flavour. They were a little sweet from the sauce though, and I felt myself wanting something a touch more savoury. I think it might be a sweet tomato base, but I couldn’t help thinking a sprinkle more of salt and a little less sugar would have given them some balance, particularly when you are having them with a savoury sandwich. Don’t get me wrong they were still tasty, but I’m more intrigued to try the other new flavour Walker Spicy Sriracha crisps which Spectre has put somewhere out of my way, that really is a Trending Taste.

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