1 March 2019

KIND Dark Chocolate Almond Mint Bar (Waitrose) By @Cinabar

KIND Dark Chocolate Almond Mint Bar

I do like chocolate and mint, but I just wasn’t sure how I’d feel about it for breakfast. This KIND Dark Chocolate Almond Mint Bar was spotted in Waitrose in amongst the breakfast foods and I tried it out one morning with my cup of coffee. I unwrapped the bar and could see that there were loads of nuts which was pleasing, but initially there wasn’t too much aroma from the mint which was surprising. The atom of mint is usually overpowering, its why most peppermint creams in boxed chocolates are wrapped in foil. Anyway the mint flavour of this KIND bar is fairly delicate, the mint is present, but certainly not over the top. The chocolate is dark, and this worked well with the peppermint. I liked the strong cocoa, but the almonds were a little over powered in terms of flavour by the chocolate and to some extent by the mint as well. What I did love was the texture of this bar, it was a pleasure to eat. The nuts were firm the chocolate drizzle all meant each bite was interesting. Ultimately this is a lovely way to have a chocolate mint fix for breakfast and still get plenty of nutrients from the nuts too. It was well balanced and a nice change to have a very different flavour like this KIND Dark Chocolate Almond Mint in a breakfast bar format.

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