24 March 2019

Biscuits with print on them - Portugal (by @NLi10)

Finally! We escaped from the anglicised resorts into real Portugal (Faro) and found some genuine Portugese things to buy.  Granted they look a lot like the rest of that part of Europe, but there are at least some interesting things.

Behold - the biscuits section!

These are clearly designed to stuff into the lunchboxes of children, but we don't care.  Your tie-in two-way marketing is valid here sirs!

As well as the typical things (look - FINAS is thins!) there are  lot of Dinosaurs which is fine with me.

And Tosta Rica seems to be a popular brand - so let us snack at their intersection.  

Wait - these aren't the biscuits we are looking for - these are Salad biscuits with Star Wars characters on them? You're tearing me apart George Lucas!

That's better.  Safely on a bus we can eat our Jurassic World split choc biscuits.  They have puffy light biscuit on top and bottom, and not that exciting creme in the middle.

And they are of course lunch box sized.

Here we see a generic carnivore - probably a T-Rex

Here is a Cupasaurus called Dario.  I'll bet these are the ones from their adverts that show up on all the branded ranges.

The dinosaurs have certainly left their mark.

And they are nice - crispy enough to be satisfying, creme enough to not need a drink - and more importantly they don't melt in the sun!

They also have other brand tie ins as we found out later in the trip

Spiderverse is really good - if you can still catch it in a cinema do so! The recent JP films, not so much.  The biscuits however are perfect for travelling snacks.


paulham said...

Cuetara do a biscuit breakfast cereal that you add milk to. It goes super soggy and is delicious.

NLi10 said...

I'll look out for it next time! Breakfasts were included in the hotel so I didn't think to look.