14 March 2019

Not Cross Buns (no fruit! just chocolate) M&S (By @NLi10)

As long-time readers will be aware - I'm not a fan of raisins and sultanas.  My partner is aware of this too so picked up some Salted Caramel & Chocolate Hot Cross Buns.  To share.

These are fruit free (yay!) and still contain the usual bits you'd expect so they taste like hot cross buns, and even look like them.  Just with yummy chocolate sweetness instead of odd bitter fruit.

See - they look like the real thing.

You can even see the bits inside!

You can slice and butter them too - is this what people do with them normally - i've no idea!

It says not to toast them though as I think they may melt and go wrong.

So yes - they are basically festive Brioche - but I can eat them and join in the stodgy goodness.  And I know it's not Easter for a bit yet, but I figured if I share it now a few more people who don't like the original configuration may be able to seek them out in time.

I really enjoyed them!


Anonymous said...

They look nice and squishy, though I have to say I'm guilty of just eating hot cross buns as they are. I don't often split, toast and butter them! :) (I think I'm a bit weird for that though)

NLi10 said...

i did that with the first one - i had no idea you did a special thing compared to normal cakes!