4 March 2019

Baby Chocolate Avocado (Waitrose) By @Cinabar

I am, by some definitions, slightly too old to be a Millennial. Some descriptions of the age group just include me, but it tends to overlap with Generation X, which is where I feel I fit more appropriately. For example Millennials are known for their love of health and weirdly avocados, for me I like the veg but don’t quite have the same affinity as the generation that followed me. I do like novelty though and who could resist buying a Baby Chocolate Avocado from Waitrose once you’ve spotted one. Oddly the Baby Chocolate Avocado was found in the Easter section, which I can’t get my head around. Also there is no avocado in the recipe, they could have been clever and used the vegetable as a base for a mousse filling inside, there are several vegan recipes online that use avocado as a base for a chocolate mousse instead of egg, seems I do have a hint of Millennial in me.

Anyway this is just a chocolate novelty, which happens to be in the shape of a half baby avocado. It consists of decorated dark chocolate shell and a milk chocolate ganache filling. I was impressed to discover the the shell was nice and thick, even if this did make biting into it more difficult. The darkness of the chocolate was surprising, it was very strong, but once you hit the silky smooth sweeter filling the combination was perfect. I thoroughly enjoyed this Waitrose Baby Chocolate Avocado, and liked its rich tastes and cute design. Now if I can just find a proper Millennial who will explain to me why these are in the Easter section of the supermarket I’ll be happy.

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Jules said...

they made a full sized hollow easter egg version last year and it sold out everywhere! only connection is avocados are vaguely egg shaped