2 March 2019

Southern Comfort Lemonade & Lime (Waitrose) By @SpectreUK

I've recently found that I like a shot of the odd spirit in a glass of lemonade. I've tasted a few now, and saw this Southern Comfort Lemonade & Lime in a local supermarket. It has 14% Southern Comfort and 86% of a mixture of lemonade, lime, sugar and sweetners. I used to drink Southern Comfort chasers to get drunk quicker between beers when I was a teenager. Er… at the age of 18, of course! I remember I did really like it, but haven't drank like that for years, preferring to savour the taste of beer and cider with a meal, snack or on their own. And then I was introduced to lemonade and spirits and have been a little hooked on them ever since.

This 5% volume Southern Comfort Lemonade & Lime is in a fetching 330ml can. On opening it there was the smell of Southern Comfort I instantly recognised after all these years. There was also a touch of lime in the aroma. Oh my, on first taste the sweetness and light alcoholic kick from the Southern Comfort tingled around my tastebuds. The lime mixed with the Southern Comfort and then finally the lemonade into the aftertaste. This drink was so sweet, velvety and moreish that I just couldn't put it down. I could drink it all night, but I'd be hammered after a few! I need some more cans of this for regular consumption without doubt!

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