31 March 2019

Pastel de Nata - Portugal (@NLi10)

On holiday we had breakfast included - and they had lovely heated pastries. They also had 5e local delicacy of Pastel De Nata.

This is a little custard tart, but not in the English way, it’s sweeter and runnier and the pastry is all layered and crispy instead of shortcrust. I had one every day of the 5 I was there. 4 of those were hotel ones like the above, they were pretty good but I wanted to try one out in the wild.

We had two cakes and a drink at the most south westerly point of mainland Europe, and this one was a little runnier and not as warm. I think I liked the hotel one better. The brownie was very nice too!

Portugal is famous for the Nandos logo, and for cork. I was very tempted to buy this bar of chocolate in a cork box, but at 10 Euros this seemed a bit expensive so we left it for other tourists.


jeremai said...

If you're ever in Cardiff there's a lovely Pastel de Nata bakery called Nata and Co. They even have different flavours. I highly recommend the apple ones!

paulham said...

Lidl even sell these in their own bake off section.

NLi10 said...

I wasn’t a fan of the Lidl ones - but that Cardiff place sounds ace!