11 March 2019

The Chocolate Scotch Egg (Heston from Waitrose) By @Cinabar

I suspect Waitrose called Heston and asked him to come up with something new and chocolatey for Easter. I imagine him sitting down over lunch to think about it and tucking into a scotch egg, and him realising that this is a type of egg, and this could work. Ok so I don’t exactly know how this curious product came about but here we have The Chocolate Scotch Egg by Heston from Waitrose. The whole concoction is chocolate based and it merely resembles its meaty picnic snack.
When I picked one off the shelf I hadn’t realised how loose the packaging was. I popped the Heston Chocolate Scotch Egg on the conveyor belt by the till and noticed as “breadcrumbs” spilt out everywhere. The lady on the till noticed too and got someone to switch the item for a new one for me. Then we all noticed that none of the lids closed properly on the boxes, seemly by design. I bought one anyway.

The egg itself does rain chocolate shavings wherever it goes, and once out of the box chocolate speckles appear everywhere. Any proper Scotch Egg should be cut in half to reveal a beautiful yolk. I attempted to recreate this, but it was a tough egg and broke in places, and I could quite get the inside shot I had wanted.

Either way after some failed efforts of a smart photo I went straight in and tried the Heston Chocolate Scotch Egg. The flavour was actually fabulous. There was a lovely rich sweet milk chocolate as the main flavour, but the taste had so many depths, tones of smokiness, and even hints of maple syrup. The centre itself, well the yolk, is flavoured with mango and yuzu (an ugly Japanese citrus fruit) and this ganache very fruity and sweet, with a mellow citrus flavour that was quite soft with nice hint of juicy mango.
The conclusion is despite the fact that this Heston Chocolate Scotch Egg is messy to eat and hard to cut the flavours are so good it is totally worth it. This is worth buying for the novelty, but more than that the flavour experience was new and intriguing, as was the texture from the multiple layers of goodness within. This is the Easter stocking filler you have been looking for.

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Groaver said...

Awww, I was SO hoping for vanilla. :(