10 March 2019

PieMinister - Gluten Free Moo, Steak & Ale (@NLi10)

We are big fans of Pieminister in this house, so much so that we have a massive stash of the VIP points ready to cash in.  Luckily my partner saved them  - there are actually some good things to be redeemed for!

You'd need to basically buy two pies a week for a whole year to get to the good stuff though - which is luckily something that I (almost) manage to do!

Ocado had some of the newer Gluten Free pies in stock for this month's order so I jumped on board!  My partner had a Heidi.

So far so normal.  The gluten free one comes in a tray as if it's pretending to be a Higedy pie.  Maybe it's a little crumblier.

And they bake up fine too.  It looks a little less Pieminister than usual, but it's still a good pie.

And the inside is still the same - come to think of it - why wouldn't it be!  

The pastry has almost a more short-crust feel to it, a little drier and crispier.  It's actually a nice change in texture, and not detrimental to the experience at all.  I'm not sure that Gluten free helps anyone that isn't gluten intolerant (there isn't much evidence to support it) but if me buying this and enjoying it means that my friends who are sufferers can find the crucial brands on the shelf a little easier then I'm happy to join in - especially when they are as crispy as this!  Yum!

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