6 March 2019

Yogi Tea - Rose (Holland and Barrett) By @SpectreUK

I don't usually enjoy things that taste of flowers, however I'll try anything to help my knee after this latest surgery. This organic Rose tea, by Yogi Tea, is an Ayurvedic blend of rose petals, hibiscus, and lavender flower. Ayurvedic is the traditional Hindu version of medicine, integrating body, mind and spirit regarding diet, herbal remedies, meditation, and physical therapy. I'm doing the physical therapy like a crazy person, even a bit of Yoga, which I'm sure Yogi Bhajan would approve of (the bloke who came up with this tea). I'm on a bit of a diet, well I just eat less than I used to. Herbal remedies freak me out a bit after an incident with some herbal tea a few years back resulted in the most extreme gravitational pull on my bowels I can remember! I even tried meditation, which just resulted in me looking far too deeply into my life and not liking some of my choices.

So, on letting one of the 17 tea bags brew for quite a while in a mug, this Rose tea does smell pretty flowery. It does predominantly smell of rose, hence the name, also smelling of a mixture of hibiscus and lavender. If you don't like it, there is the option of brewing all 17 teabags in a bathtub and sitting in that for an hour! Having said that, it doesn't taste half bad. The combination of the three flowers in this tea complement each other very well. Just when the rose flavour threatens to overwhelm, the hibiscus kicks in followed by the lavender into the aftertaste. I won't be bathing in this, I'll savour each one while I avoid meditation completely!

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