8 March 2019

New Fanta Grape Zero (Asda) By @Cinabar

Here we have one of those things where my culture has affected my tastebuds. My British background tells me what grapes taste like, and from that I assume that is what all grapes taste like. I can buy essentially red or green grapes in my local shops, and both are light, sweet but delicate in flavour. Every American grape flavour product I’ve had has confused me, I do not recognise the taste at all. I have been informed that in the States there are Concord grapes which are purple and taste exactly like the flavour of this drink. My interpretation of this drink is grape flavoured with a hint of something chemical, antiseptic and even with an edge of root beer to it. My taste buds tell me it isn’t great, and they tell me not to like it. They think it is wrong because they don’t recognise it as “normal” grape. I suspect those who have grown up with this as the usual flavour for their grape products will be lapping it up. They may question our native blackcurrant as an odd flavour for purple drinks and sweets, but thanks to my upbringing that is what I’m conditioned to expect purple drinks and sweets to taste like.
So I don’t like the drink, but I know it tastes like what it is supposed to. I’m intrigued to find out what other people think?


  1. I have tried this abroad and totally agree - the "grape" flavour tastes nothing like grape to me, I also foudn it chemically and it reminded me of scented erasers I had long ago at school! I've never had the Concord grapes either though.

    1. It is a weird one, but it is so normal to those used to the flavour.

  2. As i went to the states regularly in the past, i'm familiar with what 'grape' is to the US flavour palette - and i've always been obsessed by this chemical tasting 'flavour' and i kinda love it. i've had concord grape juice here, i don't think its quite the same as the 'soda'. you can get full sugar grape soda in my B&M, made by 'old jamaica' for 35p. its great they have launched the zero sugar one but i'm not keen on buying it until they start doing it in cans, as bottles go flat too quickly (as i dont drink soda all the time) and i'd rather avoid the plastic tbh...


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