28 March 2019

Mini Dinosaurus - Choc Biscuits (@NLi10)

We talked last time about one kind of Portuguese Dinosaur Biscuit - now lets look at a second!

These are basically crunchy shortbread dinosaurs, called Dinosaurus so they can trademark it, and probably have  acute advert with jingles.

There also appears to be an app that i'll never try.  The captions for all the dinosaurs refer to how tasty they are and how short their lives will be.

Individually sealed for freshness (and lunchboxes again - I think I shopped in the school section).

Graphed out in a RARR-chart this bag is heavy on the T-Rex and low on everything else.  I'd not spotted there was a reverse T-Rex too - makes me wonder if there are rare mirror versions of them all.  My first bag was mostly Stegosaurus and as the best dinosaur that was a pretty good treat.

They taste chocolaty and like many of the churches we visited in Faro were pretty Moorish.

Not one for adults to necessarily hunt out, but a reasonable option and very easy to finish a bag in one sitting.

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