7 March 2019

Reese's Peanut Butter Egg (@NLi10)

Way back in 2015 Cinabar reviewed this peanut butter egg - that isn't really an egg.  And I've only just caught up.

It's simple enough - a little flat packet

Which seems to think it's a Reester? But maybe that is it's name in the Netherlands

American's seem to need less information - and spelling lessons.  No wonder they are obsessed with carbs - it's basically the only other thing on the packet.

And here is the 'egg'

It's not as big as it looks.

It's nice though - and i'll be buying more, but it's not all that Easter themed and not really that different from their other offerings in the range so I felt fine reviewing it early.  I like American style Peanut snacks so it works for me!

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