5 March 2019

Cadbury Bournville Orange Dark Chocolate (Poundland) By @Cinabar

Time flies and it turns out we’ve eaten a fir bit of chocolate over the years. This is not the first time I’ve written about this Cadbury Bournville Orange Dark Chocolate bar, but the last time was nearly ten years ago! Since then it disappeared, but has now reappeared back on the shelves. I like the update in the packaging, I think it looks very smart and a lot more classical than the last time I saw it. There is plenty of Bournville red that stands out on this version far more than it did all those years ago.
The bar is very dark looking when unwrapped and the Cadbury Bournville Orange Dark Chocolate had a pleasant sheen to it too. The cubes of chocolate are very dark, but Bournville is also quite sweet so it isn’t a bitter or grown up taste. The orange is well balanced, fruity with lots of zesty citrus, and there is even candied peel int the bar which adds to the texture and flavours.
I’m really pleased this bar has had another relaunch and reminded me what I was missing out on. It is a sweet easy to eat dark chocolate, and the orange just makes it fresh and tasty. Here is hoping Cadbury Bournville Orange Dark Chocolate hangs around for a bit this time.

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