17 March 2019

Soft drinks on the way to Portugal (@NLi10)

Happy St Patrick’s Day!

It feels like I should be talking about alcohol or something more Irish, but I’m on holiday and we really haven’t found any fun snacks yet - they have catered for the British Invasion with all the usual things, but I’ve not made it to a Portuguese Supermarket to get the real snacks.

We got this for the flight so that we didn’t have to buy Jet2 tiny drinks on board. Surprisingly potent and not at all over sour. Great to sip in the air!


This I had with a meal, it had a hint of grapefruit but otherwise just tonic.

We had lunch at a place called sleepy donkey, and when they offer home made lemonade I take it.

A neat little jug of very lemony and a tiny bit sparkling lemonade. Perfect for sunny but windy weather. 

So far so good, but I need some good vending machines or a shop for locals soon or I’m going to have to start reviewing restaurants!

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