30 March 2009

Cadbury’s Bournville Orange (Sainsbury’s)

Bournville is one of the staples of British chocolate. It is a dark chocolate that has been available for years. I noticed the packet even states, “By appointment to the Queen”. It isn’t too dark a chocolate and has a good sweetness without any bitter flavour. This is a new bar consisting of the classic Bournville chocolate with an extra hit of orange mixed in.
The orange flavour in this bar is gorgeous, rich and sweet and full of flavour. The pieces of chocolate each contain slithers of orange peel which add a wonderful fruity taste and have a lovely soft texture. The darkness of the chocolate mixes well with the orange, especially as it is such a good natural yet zingy flavour. The orange zest rejuvenates this Bournville bar, and makes for a remarkably nice chocolate that I can’t recommend enough.


NLi10 said...

Yet another snack food I'll have to try!

Sister bought 3 flavors of JP Pocky from a comic book fair (Crush - basically Oreo Pocky, Banana Choc Desert Pocky, and Blueberry Pocky).

Will have to see if I can find the boxes and see if there are enough bits left to review!!

cinabar said...

Those Pocky sound fab! Crush (Oreo) sound particularly good!