18 March 2009

Galaxy Chocolate Smoothie [Orange Truffle] (Asda)

It is interesting how the label on this drink refers to the product as being a ‘smoothie’, and that it makes no reference to the idea that it might be a milkshake. It reminded me of something that happened last summer in one of the chain coffee shops (I can’t remember which one). A teenager was in the queue in front of me and asked for a banana milkshake, and the person at the counter apologised and said that they didn’t sell milkshakes. The assistant failed to mention that they had 'banana frescato’ on the menu, a drink which consists of banana flavouring, milk and ice mixed together.

Anyway, I would describe this as a chocolate orange milkshake, but I do have to give the makers of this drink some credit though. Using the word smoothie they are trying to get across that the drink is smooth and creamy, and it really is. There is a silky chocolate taste, with a very natural hint of orange. The orange flavour lingers on the palette long after the chocolate flavour has passed, which is a good thing I hasten to add. It is nicely packaged, aiming to be a little bit luxurious, and very tasty. A hint more sunshine outside, and this drink could be my choice for the Summer.

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