22 March 2009

El Tequito Mexican Baguette [Salsa Bread] (Lidl)

I found this in Lidl and thought that it would make a nice change from the usual garlic or garlic-cheese breads available.
When I took this out of the oven, it left a lovely rich tomato smell in the air. The bread itself is soft and fluffy on the inside, with a perfectly formed crispy crust on the outside adding a crunch. The salsa spread is a generous portion, and has a flavour not dissimilar to tomato flavoured chilli con carnie. There is a richness to the bread as the salsa is also quite buttery, and tastes almost meaty. There is also some spice to the product and it has a pleasant mild hint of chilli. This rich tasty flavoursome bread deserves to be appreciated when it is served, and would go lovely with a mushroom or creamy type of soup.

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