28 March 2009

Galaxy Cookie Crumble (Sainsbury’s)

Galaxy is a creamy smooth milk chocolate with a wonderfully grown up flavour that isn’t over sweet. Mixed in with this are small bits of dark cookie crumbs. I love the texture that these add as they nicely break up the chocolate. They are made from a dark chocolate cookie which adds flecks of extra cocoa too. Galaxy always melts in the mouth becoming a thick gloopy chocolate and is noticeably creamier than other bars. The cookie pieces are a lovely addition to the chocolate and are a well chosen filling.
I should point out that this isn’t completely a new bar, the Cookie Crumble has been available as a ‘big’ bar for some time, although I haven’t tried it before. It is labelled as ‘new’ though as it is newly available in this snack size pack. There is also an on the pack promotion to win some books, so don’t forget to enter your code from the wrapper on their website!


  1. Recently discovered these. Yumilicious!

  2. These totally rule - I just dont know where you can buy them from - I was given one as a free introductory gift but now cant find them in shops!!

  3. They are around, but are easier to find in the bigger shops like WH Smiths... so do keep your eyes open.


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