6 March 2009

Cadbury's Fudge Dessert (Waitrose)

There are quite a few different Cadbury's desserts already available, including Flake and Crunchie. This pudding is following the same formula. Consider it to be an unhealthy version of a Muller fruit corner yoghurt. There is a tub of liquid chocolate and a side serving of Cadbury's fudge pieces coated in Cadbury's chocolate. You then tip the fudge chunks into the liquid chocolate, mix it up and enjoy.
The Cadbury's fudge is exactly the same fudge as found in the bar, with the expected vanilla and butter flavour. And now for the science bit: the chocolate ratio is higher as the smaller pieces have a higher surface ratio. They go nicely with the liquid chocolate, although the dessert is quite rich. I think I prefer the Crunchie variety more though, as the difference in textures is more pronounced.

NB. I'm not sure how to properly refer to the liquid section of this pudding. I chose ‘liquid chocolate’, as I had already ruled out 'chocolate yoghurt' and 'chocolate sauce'. But you get the idea, it is somewhere in between all three.


Unknown said...

I got a request for you!! Can you see if you can try get you mits on the new Marmite Crisps! The ones not with the walkers branding but made by Unliever!!

cinabar said...

Thanks for the heads up, I found some today! Looking forward to trying them. The write up will appear here very shortly! mmm marmite... (Sorry Katie!)