3 March 2009

Kraft Foods - Glico Mikado (Sainsbury’s)

I only discovered the wonders of Pocky very recently, when I was introduced to them by some work colleagues. Before then I had never seen this kind of biscuit before. I was immediately a convert though, and since then I have been purchasing them from import shops whenever I’ve seen them.
Kraft foods obviously felt that they could catch on in this country too and has released this product: Mikado. To say it is similar to Pocky Chocolate would be an understatement. The card box opens the same way, revealing the expected silver foil pouch. Inside this were the expected biscuit sticks, dipped in chocolate, just leaving a gap of clean biscuit to hold. The coating on them consists of thick, sweet and velvety milk chocolate and underneath is a flavoursome creamy biscuit stick, with a perfect crunch. They are such a simple idea and they work so well, perfect for snacking on the go. The biscuits only take seconds to eat, and one doesn’t seem quite enough, so you end up reaching for another, and another.
Something caught my eye on the box the ‘Glico’ logo and I knew that I had seen it before. These aren’t a Pocky imitation; they are the genuine Pocky launched in this country. Have a look at my previous reviews of Pocky, the packaging shows the same manufacturer’s logo ‘Glico’. I am assuming from the packaging that Kraft Foods and Glico are in partnership.
The new name Mikado comes from the original game for Pick-Up-Sticks, and there is indeed a similarity between the game pieces and the biscuits. I guess ‘Pocky’ doesn’t have the greatest connotations in the English language.
If you are yet to try Pocky, or if you love them but have problems finding stockists rest assured these wonderful snacks are now available in supermarkets everywhere. Here is hoping more flavours follow soon.


Derval said...

Mikado are also an iconic Irish biscuit

cinabar said...

Wow, I have not seen those before.. will have to see if I can find myself some.
I wonder if Pocky will keep the name Pocky if they are launched in Ireland?

NLi10 said...

Mikado (the Pockyesque one) have been around in mainland Europe for a few years now - I've bought them in both Paris and Frankfurt.

Although they are effectively the same stuff as they are not made in the Pocky factories and they don't quite taste the same (but are still nice and better than that other immitation brand they sold at the Uni with the almonds on it).

Wonder if it can only be True Pocky if it's made in Thailand or Japan?

cinabar said...

I found some Pepero Pocky style biscuits with almond, are they the same ones as the uni shop variety?