8 March 2009

Nestle Nuts (Lidl)

I’m not sure where this bar originates from, but it is somewhere in Europe. Lidl have a tendency to sell plenty of foreign products and make them readily available throughout the UK, eventhough we are not really that product's target audience.
The bar consists of milk chocolate covering soft nougat with hazelnut chunks, and a layer of caramel. The chocolate is not very thick, and its flavour isn't very defined. The most prominent features of the bar are that it is both quite chewy and rather sweet. The hazelnuts only add a light flavour. I don't think that there are quite enough nuts or enough cocoa in the chocolate. Okay, but not something I'd buy regularly.


  1. Peanut Butter KitKat is my winner though. :-)

  2. these were readily available in uk in mid 80's. i remember having them for my playtime snack when in primary school.

  3. Well Lidl seem to have a ready supply now, if you are looking to reminisce.


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