26 March 2009

Lindt Lindor Dark Egg (Sainsbury’s)

This is another Easter treat for the approaching season. Recently I saw the first Cadbury’s Crème Egg advert which pointed out that they would soon be off our shelves until next year, isn’t it mad how quickly time flies?
This Lindor egg is manufactured by Lindt and is a little bit smaller than a Cadbury’s egg. It is wrapped in a black foil wrapper, with a design not dissimilar to Lindt Lindor Truffles. I suspect this is an egg shaped version of the truffle in black. The chocolate shell of the egg seemed thinner than other chocolate eggs I’ve tried, but was made of a fine quality dark chocolate. The egg split quite easily into two halves, making it easier to eat. To taste, it was rich and full of cocoa flavour. Inside was a silky dark chocolate truffle that filled the taste buds with an intense chocolate hit. The shell consists of 60% cocoa, and is balanced by the smooth filling. If you have tried the truffles, then you know what to expect from this Lindt egg, a little bit of luxury chocolate presented in a perfect size for a treat.


Katie said...

Lindor are the best. I need to eat more cream eggs before they go.

cinabar said...

So many diffferent types of eggs... so little time!