20 March 2009

Linessa Mousse [Latte Macchiato / Stracciatella] (Lidl)

Firstly I am a big fan of Angel Delight. I know that it clearly isn’t a new product and I am often disappointed in the supermarket when there aren’t any new Angel Delight flavours. When I had my first visit to Lidl I found this European version of an instant whip and I couldn’t resist buying both flavours.
To mix up the contents, it is much the same as Angel Delight, add milk and whisk for a few minutes. I then scooped some of both varieties into glasses (making pretty layers) and sprinkled some chocolate on the top! After chilling in the fridge I was ready to tuck in.

There are two flavours, the Latte Macchiato and Stracciatella. Both varieties have little flecks of chocolate imbedded, which look attractive. The white stripe is the Stracciatella and has a vanilla base, and is creamy and smooth. The brown stripe is the Latte Macchiato variety and has a wonderful light coffee and cream flavour. The chocolate bits in both enhance the taste. The texture is very similar to Angel Delight too, firmer than a regular pot of mousse, but still very light. The chocolate flecks don’t add any gritty aspect to the texture. I really enjoyed the desserts and thought they looked rather attractive served in glasses. A definite repurchase.


  1. ooh i love angel delight. do you know the calories in this at all?

  2. The packet says 'low fat' all over it, but I could't remember the calories. I did try to re-purchase some today but Lidl were out of stock - will let you know when I find out.


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