21 March 2009

Birds Eye - Chocolate Arctic Roll [Triple Choc] (Asda)

I can’t express how excited I was to discover that Arctic Roll had been re-launched, and I have already written about how great the Original variety tasted. I have kept my eyes open since then for the chocolate variety, but it has taken me nearly a month to locate one! The Triple Choc refers to chocolate ice cream, chocolate sauce and chocolate sponge (I like how these people think).
The ice cream is creamy but with a good taste of chocolate. I don’t think there is enough chocolate sauce, the sauce that I tasted was lovely, but it was only in occasional bites. The raspberry sauce in the Original variety is more pronounced. I don’t know why a thin layer of sponge around ice cream works so well, but it does. It might be the textures combining, or it might just be the nostalgia, but the point is it works, and it’s fantastic!


The Early Bird said...

Nice to meet you.
Let me ask you one thing.
What does "Arctic "mean in this case?
See you then.

Anonymous said...

An arctic roll with chocolate in it? and triple chocolate at that? Oh my, i'm heading to asda tomorrow so one* of these will be heading into my trolley!

*or maybe 2

Louise :]

cinabar said...

Bambee - I think it just means it's cold, never under estimate dessert manufacturers for coming up with interesting names. "Angel Delight", "Spotted Dick", "Pears Belle Helene", etc...

Louise - They are gorgeous... hope you find some (in my branch they were placed next to the Vienetta*).

*Vienetta - another dessert with a strange name!

NLi10 said...

It's from the Cornetto school of thinking.