24 March 2009

Cadbury’s Dairy Milk Hot Choc Chunks (Sainsbury’s)

This makes a hot chocolate drink made with milk, but instead of using a powder or granules it is made with a solid chunk of chocolate. The chunks are packaged in a card carton, which looks like a milk carton, and inside it are purple foiled chunks of hot chocolate solids. Each chunk is about the same size as a ‘fun size’ bar.

I do have to admit it was quite good fun to make this hot chocolate, and there was something very nice about melting giant chunks in hot milk. After my first sip of the drink itself I immediately rechecked the ratio of milk to chocolate chunks to confirm that my measurements were right. Unfortunately they were which meant the disappointing flavour was exactly as the product was supposed to taste. I have no idea how adding four chunks of chocolate to my pan, could have created such a disappointingly mild flavour. It tasted like chocolate scented milk, and was not the rich ‘hot milk chocolate’ as promised on the pack. It wasn’t horrible, but it just didn’t have a very strong taste. It is a shame, I so wanted this drink to be good as I so love the concept.


  1. This is how I imagined the 'hot choc on a spoon' product could be more efficiently made! Choc with a lower melting point sold to go in your hot drinks.

    I guess it's not the idea, but adding a few of these to a regular HoCho might work, or making a nice Mocha by adding them to coffee?

    Oh and - my new computer lets me add comments so I can visit more!!

  2. What surprised me though was the admittedly rather big Disney mugs took two blocks of this chocolate, but still had a weak flavour. That just doesn't make sense.
    It also means that you would need a HUGE spoon to get the chocolate on a spoon idea to work! I’m not against this idea though! A giant wooden spoon sized chocolate, which you have to melt bit by bit into your hot chocolate... mmm... although this would involve sticky fingers!

    I do like the thought of making a Mocha with these blocks, that sounds perfect!

    PS Glad you got your computer issues sorted! :-)

  3. it's not solid chocolate - the blocks have a gooey centre

  4. Maybe try the Butlers version?

  5. Anon - mine melted in the pan quite quickly, so fast I didn't notice the liquid centre. I should have broken one in half first! :-)

    Derval - the Butler's version looks ace - is it available in the shops or just online?

  6. Cinabar, it is definitely available in the Butlers coffee/chocolate shops, not sure if you have them over in uk though. You may have to come to Dublin!

  7. No fair, there is only branch in England, and it is in London - rather far away from me. :-(
    I may have to bite the bullet and just order online!

  8. I'm down to my last couple of chunks (I bought in bulk last time) and now can't find them. It's the only one I'd drink. I've discovered the best methid is to do it in the microwave. I use a pint of milk for myself and two children. Heat it in the microwave on Full (850) for a minute, then add two chunks. Heat for another minute and then stir really well. Carry on heating for a minute or 30 seconds at a time and stiring in between - squidging the chunks against the side of the jug to dissolve them. When it's done it's just lovely and no powdery taste.

    Now - can anyone tell me where to get some more? I'm really liking my hot choc time after school!

  9. Well the are definitely still making it, because they have a hamper for sale with some in... http://www.cadburygiftsdirect.co.uk/products/398-hot-choc-chunks.aspx But I haven't seen it in the supermarkets recently. Don't suppose you live anywhere near Bournville? Suspect if anywhere sells it the Cadbury World Shop there would.


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