16 March 2009

Cadbury’s Mini Eggs Dessert (Asda)

This is another new product in the Cadbury’s dessert range and it is supplementary to the Fudge flavour I tried earlier this month. This Mini Eggs variety is listed as a limited edition, so it seems reasonable to assume it is part of the Easter products appearing on our shelves.
Inside the pot were two containers, one filled with liquid chocolate and one that contained five Mini Eggs. I was a bit disappointed that there were only five eggs, and that they are full size Mini Eggs. They are quite big (despite their name) and as such they don’t mix that well with the liquid section. I had a moment of thinking ‘why am I putting these eggs in my dessert’?
The positive side is that the liquid chocolate is full of the usual Cadbury’s goodness, and the eggs themselves are lovely. As a future improvement, I think this would benefit from mini – Mini Eggs. Imagine Mini Eggs but a quarter of their size, tipped into luscious Cadbury’s liquid chocolate. Yummy.


  1. yum.. i love cadbury's. one of my fave chocolates.

  2. It's my boyfriends favourite too... and I agree it is good, but have you tried Milka?


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