25 March 2009

El Tequito Vanilla flavour Ice Cream with Ginger Flavour Strawberry Topping (Lidl)

Do you remember the Salsa Baguette I wrote about the other day? Well this is manufactured by the same company but is a Mexican style ice cream.
I took this straight from the freezer and served immediately and to my pleasant surprise found that it was easy and soft to scoop. I find myself having to leave some ice creams out for a few minutes to soften, or use a hot spoon, but this variety was no problem at all.
It consists mainly of a vanilla ice cream and is topped by a red sauce, which is strawberry and ginger flavoured. The vanilla section is one of the creamiest and fluffy ice creams I’ve had; it just melts beautifully in the mouth. The topping adds sweet strawberry flavour and the ginger isn’t overpowering it just adds a gentle warmth. The combination is perfect, the ice cream is heavenly.

So to summarise:

El Tequito Baguette – Gorgeous
El Tequito Ice Cream – Fantastic

I will be searching the shelves at Lidl for other products from this range, I’m very impressed with what I have tried so far!


  1. Ooh - is this a budget priced ice-cream or a luxury one?

    I walk past Lidl every day.

  2. Well i think El Tequito is like a German version of Chiquitos... so I guess the answer is mid range. Fantastic ice cream and bread though, so I am going to head back and look for other items that are stocked!

  3. Hey you want to try their meal kits too. The Tacos, Burrito and Fajita dinner kits. Make straight into Lidl, grab some of their cheap mince, lettuce, fresh tomatoes and sweetcorn and make with the Mexican! It is superb quality stuff, much cheap than Old El Paso or Discovery and much nicer. Follow their instructions slavishly and your tastebuds wil be thankful unto you!

  4. Thanks for the tip Penfold, I will give them a go. I've already been so impressed by the quality of this brand.

  5. Who knows about the nutritional value of the Fajita dinner kits? No information on the box unfortunately...


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