23 March 2009

Milka & Daim [Dime] (Germany)

Dime is a chocolate bar in its own right, and so technically this is a chocolate bar with its special filling being another chocolate bar. A chocolate bar inside another chocolate bar, now that doesn’t happen every day!
Both Milka and Dime are made by Kraft foods, which goes some way to explaining it. If you haven’t tried a Dime it is a mix of almond, caramel and butter. In fact it is like an almond version of Peanut Brittle and it is a very crunchy bar.
Obviously a regular bar of Dime consists of two main ingredients; chocolate and almond brittle, which is exactly the same ingredients on the Milka & Daim bar. This makes it even more of a curiosity. A regular Dime bar though consists of a big piece of brittle covered in chocolate, where as this bar is mainly Milka and has small bits of almond brittle within it.
The smaller pieces add a gentle caramel crunch and just a little extra sweetness allowing you to enjoy the Milka flavour with a hint of Dime. It's a great flavour and I preferred it to regular Dime bars (but then I am a self confessed Milka fan girl)!


C2L said...

This better be coming to Ikea soon!

cinabar said...

That would be heaven if they stocked these - I would trek all the way over there just to have meatballs and Dime cake in the cafe, and then buy a bar of this! LOL