9 March 2009

Sirius Musli Bar [Bananna and Chocolate] (Lidl)

In appearance this is identical to the Sirius Musli Bar with chocolate, I wrote about a few days ago. I was expecting there to be some dried banana visible, but there was none. In flavour though, the banana is very much present. It is hard to write about banana as a flavour, I know people who both love and hate the flavour, I guess it is a lot like marmite. I think the best way to explain it is that the bar has a strong, but natural tasting banana flavour. Bear in mind though that my favourite type of bananas are those that are so ripe they are practically brown and I do have a sweet tooth! This combined with the chocolate makes it a very sweet, but pleasant bar with a good texture.


  1. is this sirius musli bars suitable for vegetarians because it doesnot say on the pack

  2. If it doesn't say so, it is probably best to be cautious... I will take another look for you when I next get to Lidl.


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