4 March 2009

Milka ‘Wasser’: Milchcreme & Melon Mit Knistereffek [Milka represents ‘Water’using Cream & Watermelon with Popping Candy] (Germany)

Well I have a fabulous selection of Milka bars in front of me, and am having problems choosing which to open. I decided to choose the bar with the strangest ingredients combination.
Milka says that this bar represents ‘Water’ out of the four elements, and to convey this they chose; cream, watermelon and popping candy as the ingredients. I can’t help thinking they wrote a load of different ingredients on bits of paper, put them in a Tombola, and pulled three out at random! Even the most liberal minded chocoholic (such as myself) would consider this to be a curious combination! It is a strange thing, but here in the UK we seem at home with certain flavours mixing with chocolate (i.e. orange and mint) and items outside this norm do seem a little mad.
Anyway, this bar consists of the finest Milka milk chocolate covering the creamy white soft filling, which is the part flavoured with the watermelon and containing bits of popping candy. Well I will tell you something that I discovered that surprised me, and that is that watermelon goes wonderfully with chocolate. The fruity sweet flavour and the chocolate combine like a dream and make a gorgeous refreshing bar. One more thing needs a mention though and that is the popping candy. After you finish eating you become aware of this crackling in your mouth, it’s not unpleasant, just a bit of a novelty. But don’t worry, it doesn’t distract from the excellent flavours.


  1. Yep, definitely the weirdest of the bunch!

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